DIVE: Mix (by Soes)

artist: DIVE
title: Mix (by Soes)
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHR016
format: 12 inch

tracks: Mix.

notes: Few years ago, Soes started up in Belgium an organization called 'Het Collectief' as 'resident' DJ. The main aim of Soes and his friends was to release great parties to become very famous as 'Weltschmerznacht' in Gand. They also released a 250 pages book about the Belgian New-Wave scene (feat. bands like Front 242, Neon Judgement, Klinik,...). Soes has developed through the years the concept of 'synchro' mixing! Two years ago he came up with the idea of making a Dive mix. It took him a lot of try-outs and time to finally get to the 6'48" final MIX! He came to conclusion that every two seconds in the mix took him about an hour. "But I enjoyed every second of it!!!" It was fully processed on PC. All try-outs were done on his full capacity CD-Players. "Making a DIVE mix which got officially released is a dream coming true!". This is NOT a simple remix, it includes sounds, sequences, samples and vocals of several DIVE releases. Dirk Ivens and Ivan Iusco were so enthusiastic, that they thought this mix has to be heard by a big Audience.

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