Lagowski: Storms

artist: LAGOWSKI
title: Storms
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHR015
format: 12 inch

tracks: Storms, Pupal State, Particle.

notes: Hissing on the foundation built out of his past contributions to "TOTAL 1" and LUSTMORD's 'Heresy', LAGOWSKI strikes into DEEP HEAVY BASS SPINE with his debut vinyl... a socio-environmental SOUND PICTURES SHOWCASE... intra-atomic states expanded to WEATHER CONDITIONS. Three electronic trans-mutations operate through the 'STORMS' of digital AMBIENT AURAL ARCHITECTURE... TECHNO DESIGN assisted by MASSIVE EXPLOSION TOOLS. NEW "PARTICLE" projects appear among the GROOVES, hinting to FIELDS of ALIEN CLIMATES... Hidden SIGNS slowly surface, calling for foetal alterations and deviated birth. Directories of ENERGIES are pictured as DUNES and WINDS... EARTHQUAKES are a GOOD REFERENCE POINT... INNER TIDES for PLASMA ENHANCEMENT.


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