Shock Corridor: White Boys With Amplitude

title: White Boys With Amplitude
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHR014
format: mLP

tracks: Parallax, T5:6, Digital Beam Transport, Rivers Edge.

notes: Opening the scars left by the previous 12", 'PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER', let the channels get filled by projections on 'DIGITAL BEAM TRANSPORT': a sequenced forecasting attack of future scenarios. It's a parallel editing for thermonuclear audio-blasts of giant dimensions...CODES and DATA inter-breeding with NUMBER of STRENGTH and TENSION... An AUTONOMOUS MIX of LUNAR NEWS from 'RIVERS EDGE'. "T5:6" ...time as PLATFORM and rhythm as SHUTTLE: voices detailing areas of unproved stability. The IMPACT is SENSE-BASHING...the MESSAGE is BRAIN-SHATTERING... SHOCK CORRIDOR enter SKIN to reach the HARDEST CORE... TEMPERATURE is CRYTICAL, WHITE HOT is the RESULT... SINK WITH DELIGHT INTO FEAR DIMENSION.


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