Mauro Teho Teardo/Ramleh: Paid In Full/Crystal Revenge

title: Paid In Full/Crystal Revenge
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHR012
format: LP

tracks: Paid In Full (side), Crystal Revenge (side).

notes: Once more MINUS HABENS RECORDS bring you the thrilling taste of shared vinyl, a split LP of endiess torturing pleasure... MAURO TEHO TEARDO' s 'PAID IN FULL' side slides away from the growling lands of the previous CAUGHT FROM BEHlND collaboration LP into tougher dynamics, promoting six tracks of sonic outrage and fiercy surprise, a strangling mixture of shock and punches... Getting away from shadows and pushing into meat, distorsion bites metals and attitude breaks bones: MAURO TEHO TEARDO is searching for your throat and when he grips it... YOU WILL SCREAM FOR MORE! Turning plates, RAMLEH's 'CRYSTAL REVENGE' follows up in the new development of the fully-back-in-shape outfit, merging the harsh splendour of the early age with a more clearly guitar-oriented approach, starker beats choking the pace around voices. Infinite dimensions ring across the vibrating strings' shrieking, peeling bloody figures from sensations...the touch is refined, the POWER is INTACT... RAMLEH tell stories for the pits of your mind. This record SHOOTS BEYOND the borders... YOUR EARS WILL BE THERE!


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