Pankow: Walpurgisnacht

artist: PANKOW
title: Walpurgisnacht
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHR011
format: 12 inch

tracks: Walpurgisnacht (etched artwork on side B).

notes: A very special release from the gods of technosleaze: twelve inches of onesided vinyl presenting on the silent face a striking etched artwork... While the grooves host a 16 minutes (and pius...) track, conceived to be the soundtrack for a Ballet of the Florence DANCE Theatre performed at the "Anfiteatro Delle Cascine" (Florence) in July 1990. This sound material originally appeared as a limited ed. CD accompanying the art magazine DARS and has now found its definitive form: a fully dressed presentation where visual materialisation lends ideal support to the warmth of body movement...the object shines through the charge of the sequence. The urgence of the impact takes a widened scope across the piece's lenght, riding the corners of night with all the fury of total skin contact...unexplored landscapes picture themselves with loop grins, audiotronicks clashing against voices' architectures. Muscles and fear, deeper and meaner...feelings dressed in sweat...the sorcerers' dances rise their targets, the shamans' howlings escape from memory: the wheels of flesh coming from air...the trance of hips... LOOSE YOUR SENSE IN WALPURGISNACHT!


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