Jouissance: The Satyr

title: The Satyr
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHR009
format: 12 inch

tracks: The Satyr, The Satyr (horn mix), We Ask You to Join Us, Bodies.

notes: This is the first vinyl blast from JOUISSANCE, the project masterminded by londoner MICHAEL SEFTON: passing through the tape medium and compilation participations (including the CDs "FUNKY ALTERNATIVES 4"- also featuring SKINNY PUPPY, CLICK CLICK, THE SHAMEN, THE ANTIGROUP, GREATHER THAN ONE, 400 BLOWS... - and "STANZA'S ON SEXUAL HYGIENE"- together with NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, BOURBONESE QUALK, ANDREW LAGOWSKI,...), JOUISSANCE has arrived to the present maturity of rhythm fuelled seduction, a sharply designed 3-tracks collection (+ alternated version) springing from the heart of sequenced desire. Your body swiris across the heavy pulse, reeling with the sampling intersection deviance...quicker, slower, quicker... The layers take you up and down, leading towards giances beyond find yourself begging for more while drowning in the bliss. Expected before the end of 1991 is the CD release on MINUS HABENS RECORDS of "SUNLIGHT PENETRATES THE CROWN", a full dose of audiogender interplay crossing your lasers...EXTRACT YOUR FINGERS!


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