Sigillum S: Hallucinated Moisture of Synaptic Slaughterhouse

artist: SIGILLUM S
title: Hallucinated Moisture of Synaptic Slaughterhouse
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHR005
format: LP

tracks: Ankles By Now, Ravishing Fury In Glass Poke, Neurotronick Nazism, Sweetness Of Copper, Animalia/Sarcos, Chemickal Equilibrium Of Acids, Eine Fruchtabtreibung, A Sinking In Flowers, Strange Machine - Gun K.O. Riots, Elektrospastickpreacher, Geometrickal Separation Into Beauty, Cathodounds Semen, KX Demarckation, Ektoplasm In Light Leaves And Silvers, Sinews As Sacraments, Cacophonick Ictus, Ropes Hanging From Orbits, Atomasturbation: Protophallick Exclamation Of Vibration, Crazed Woman Coreography Passing, Piercing Through Amplification, Amnesia State And Mutant Adoption, Lick The Nova!, Even By Shit - The Recovery: Jewels.


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