Vegetable G: Epic Mono

title: Epic Mono
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD048
format: CD

tracks: Holograms, Green Forever, Dreamkeeper, Rainy Rooms, The Outsider, Traffic, Capsule Of Love, The Cure For Us, Procella, Holograms (Elastic Society rmx).

notes: "Epic mono" represents the fluctuating, complex and irregular path of the experiences made by a human being while sleeping. It does not mark the borderline between real and surreal, but it does underline how incomprehensive they are and how deeply they may blend. "Epic mono" is like a dull story, a sort of chapter from a dreamlike psycho-mythological tale. With the aid of an "alternative" sight the main character is able to feel sudden instincts that spread out, as surrounded by a natural mystery, from all over the body, cell by cell. Nevertheless, words cannot express everything... "Epic mono" stimulates sudden feelings and sensations through the sounds. It is an "epic" journey through some rationally impenetrable places that, once caught by the light, may become familiar, though only for some instants. Vegetable G reveals its great potential with this second album and turns out to be one of the most interesting projects of the Italian electro-wave scene. The sounds and the atmosphere of this album masterly remind the best time of the electro new wave of the 80's, through modern electronica and alternative rock elements.


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