Pankow: Fuckart (A Symphony For Wankers)

artist: PANKOW
title: Fuckart (A Symphony For Wankers)
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD045
format: CD (including video)

tracks: Fuckart (A Symphony For Wankers) total time: 34:27

notes: fuckart is part of the first session of studio recordings which produced "life is offensive and refuses to apologise". The track has been recorded "live", basically it was composed and performed at the same time. The vocals, just like the music, were recorded only once, without any dubbing or editing, the imperfections have been saved in order to keep the original spirit of the recording. It was a unique experience, a hot summer night, a loop, a few computers and synthesizers rattling erratically at 20 bpm, enzo had his eyes glued to the screen trying to understand something in that mess, while alessandro, once fm fell asleep in his usual chair, decided to take charge and record secretly this outlandish piece of music without fear of interruption... fm evenually woke up and cursed alessandro for this unauthorised foray into outer space... 4 months later Alex suddenly arrives from kangarooland and records all songs, after writing the lyrics on his plane to Italy... all of a sudden he hears the new song and wears it immediately on his oily skin, half an hour later it's all done, fm will equalise the sound levels and give his blessing... There wasn't any commercial plan for the release of fuckart on cd, it was just too long, endless, swimming somewhere between heaven and earth... one day, fm, in the spur of the moment creates the cover, the layout, the packaging and takes it down the road to the printer... one phonecal later he reaches an agreement with minus habens records, they're gonna print only 500 copies, blessed their heart... okay, it will be only for a chosen few... then maurizio decides to include the live video of "das gewicht der welt", shot by isa in recanati during an exciting concert without that fuckwit of alex... great stuff! one more thing... the cover will be printed in 2 versions... 2 different photos... 2 different images of middle age crisis... life as we know it...

"...A commercial suicide..." (Wall Street Journal)
"...A lurid piece of perversion, reprehensible and despicable..." (Fox News)
"...Abstinence is the only answer..." (George W. Bush)
"...Don't look at me... I was asleep..." (FM)
"...A pervasive and invasively morbid piece of enchanted wizardry, wrapped around the secret desires of artists and escorts... a cute little piece..." (Alex Spalck)
"...How long is this bloody thing? It never fucking ends!!!..." (Russell Crowe)

Fuck Art. Penetrate Art. Enjoy Art.


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