Visions Of Excess: Sensitive Disruption

title: Sensitive Disruption
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD041
format: CD DIGIPAK

tracks: Belief Systems, Transvaluation, Clockwork Universe, The Hibernating Man, You're Like Me, Focus Of Light, The Expanding Wave, Startle Response, Ritual Gaining, Object To Be Destroyed, Not 1968, The Search Goes On, Open End.

notes: Paul Browse (ex-Clock Dva, System 01, Effective Force, 030) and Nirto Karsten Fischer (sound artist/Forced Media Production) joined their forces to generate a new collective consciousness called Visions Of Excess. "Cruelty can be gentle and gentleness can be purest cruelty. 'Sensitive Disruption' reflects the deviation from normality and mediocrity while remaining connected to recognisable forms. Living in times where atagonisms disrupt human lives, it's necessary to find forms of constructive rearticulations with hightech tools and an uncontrolled desire: Visions Of Excess." Future electronics incorporating the complexities of deep audio research decoded in an accessible and relateable manner. 'Sensitive Disruption' is produced in a completely unique format constantly changing and re-inventing itself.
feat.: Robert Anton Wilson (Jan. 18th, 1932 > Brooklyn, NY); mind-boggling novelist, visionary poet, playwright, futurist, psychologist...


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