Red Sector A: Illvminati

artist: RED SECTOR A
title: Illvminati
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD038
format: CD

tracks: Icet Cath, Auratone, Sunday On A Screen, Interference I, Are You My Enemy?, Windowframe, Sleepwalk, Entity, Interference II, Blue Obliquity, Cyclevector, Interference III, Loop 14, This Strange Ascension.

notes: Illvminati, the third album from Red Sector A contains 14 tracks featuring a wide spectrum of concepts and styles of sound sculpting which have been brought together with genius and knowledge. Red Sector A has a very special knack for crafting sensual electronic melodies that worm their way inside your head and don't come out for days. Fragments of dub, electronica and d'n'b flow and rush in swathes of warmth for tracks that expertly drift with their own sense of internal structure. It's the sound of a man completely in control of his music, with an unerring instinct for putting sounds exactly where they should be, as following a divine design. You, lucky listener, get to share this luxury!


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