Front Line Assembly: Implode

title: Implode
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD037
format: CD DIGIPAK

tracks: Retribution, Fatalist, Prophecy, Synthetic Forms, Falling, Don't Trust Anyone, Unknown Dreams, Torched, Machine Slave, Silent Ceremony / "Stalker".

notes: After the successful release of the electro-pioneers Front 242, we are glad to welcome on Minus Habens another legend: Front Line Assembly. Beside their exceptional status within the electro/industrial scene it is primarily the music, which lead Front Line Assembly to cult-status. 'Implode' impressively proves, that Front Line Assembly are back again, stronger than ever. Bill Leeb and Chris Peterson go back to the roots, roots like 'Tactical Neural Implant', 'Caustic Grip' or 'Hard Wired', dealing with new mysterious entities. 12 dangerous audiocreatures are migrating from their nest to penetrate our flesh. A terrible insect-driven global mutation. The album contains the definitive club-smashers 'Retribution', 'Falling', 'Machine Slave', 'Synthetic Forms' or 'Unknown Dreams', not to forget the single 'Prophecy'. It builds upon all of the great music they have created in the past, but now embraces a darker sound than we have heard in recent years.


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