Nightmare Lodge/Paolo Bigazzi: Syrena

title: Syrena
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD034
format: CD

tracks: NIGHTMARE LODGE > Syrena, Noose, Brainwaves Alignment, Attack, Awakening, Underpressure, The Last Mind Battle. PAOLO BIGAZZI > Mind Pulse, Gocce Di Nero, Walking Into..., Fragile.

notes: Several reviews regarding the previous Nightmare Lodge's releases have always agreed on the fact that Ivan Iusco and Russolo tend to create soundscapes that would be perfect for the works of the nowadays most famous 'dark' directors such as David Lynch, John Carpenter and David Cronenberg, etc.
Nightmare Lodge, together with the musician Paolo Bigazzi, have finally managed to work directly with the big screen world, composing the soundtrack for "Syrena" a low-budget Italian independent sci-fi movie directed by Mariano Equizzi.
Peculiar rhythmic progressions seem to be coming from waterworlds that never see the sun, strategic frequencies ready to strike against the offensive of unforseable events and elegant snake-like strings are just some of the many tools used by Nightmare Lodge to comment and enhance the adventures of Philip Servan, a skilled computer programmer facing the risk of an imminent global disaster.
The originality of Nightmare Lodge's sound is easy to recognise. Oneiric dimensions where classical elements meet electronic entities and where they melt together to give birth to an extremely free and exciting combination. This is one of the many reasons for which Mariano Equizzi has chosen Nightmare Lodge to score his movie.


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