Red Sector A: Submerged Realities

artist: RED SECTOR A
title: Submerged Realities
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD033
format: CD

tracks: Spin Machine #1, Tetrafunk, Ex. Ta. Sys, Celestial Freefall rmx, Hiro Hiro, Expansion, Spin Machine #2, We Are Glass, Audioroom, Unknown Territories.

notes: New audio signals beamed from a hidden location called RED SECTOR A. Andrea Bellucci is the only human presence in that mysterious zone. An inspiring project that covers a significant range of sounds and textures. The ten tracks on 'Submerged Realities' form a progression from seductive atmospheres to dangerous accellerated percussions, reaching tripbass concentrations. All the sounds have been coated with an edge that enhances the mechanical flow of aural events. 'Submerged Realities' combines a steady rhythmic pulse with lethal sounds rising and falling in the background. Infections of the minimal techno virus are also present, but the fusion of all these elements forges something entirely new. The epidemic surrealism is defenitely unchained. Explosive, groove-laden, spiked with samples, crystals and more BPM's than any programmer could attempt. Whatever the terms are, RED SECTOR A is transmitting a superb sound code that transcends musical genres, placing it beyond any grey cliches. Long live RED SECTOR A.


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