Nightmare Lodge: The Enemy Within

title: The Enemy Within
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD032
format: CD

tracks: Lost Message, The Enemy Within, Recent Flow, Bloodline, Red, Snake Function, Mankind Sanctuary, Empty, Bodiless.

notes: The third long awaited album from the 10 years old italian band NIGHTMARE LODGE is finally out. Ivan Iusco and his partner Russolo have worked 18 months to get to the final stage of their latest effort 'The Enemy Within', an album to be seen as the last chapter of a trilogy started in 1994 by the now legendary and several times re-pressed 'Negative Planet'. Made up of 9 tracks, this album completes a dark picture highlighting three phases of human life's torture: getting to terms with our own limits and with riddles that we can't solve, the hope that we need to carry on and the sense of resignation constantly trying to take over. The sonorities created by NIGHTMARE LODGE can also in some respects be compared to the great masterpieces released by Italian musicians during their golden times back in the seventies when they were creating soundtracks for Fulci, Lenzi, Deodato, etc. 'The Enemy Within' can be considered the natural son of those times when Fabio Frizzi, Franco Micalizzi, De Angelis brothers and Ritz Ortolani were the leading names. The unmistakable strings, severe bass lines, hard and cutting drums are all perfectly coordinated by an extremely accurate use of sequencers. Also, B. Mazzilli's surreal vocals make a surprise appearing after a long silence in two of the 9 tracks. All in all, 'The Enemy Within' confirms once again the huge potential of this unique project.


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