Principia Audiomatica: Systematic Sonority

title: Systematic Sonority
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD031
format: CD

tracks: Selforganizing Homeostatic Systems, Holographically Connected System, Functionally Isomorphic Systems, Encapsulated Modular System, Cognitive Penetrating System, Interactive Quantuum System, Central Nervous System, Closed Thermodynamic System.

notes: Miljenko Rajakovic (co-founder of Implant Code on MINUS HABENS and electro-industrial DJ in various European clubs) and Sinisa Ocurscak (founder of the TeHOM project on Ner/World Serpent, professor of philosophy at Jezuit University for Philosophy in Zagreb, editor of the book 'The mind-body problem in contemporary philosophy') are the active minds behind the PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA project. 'Systematic Sonority' is their debut album based on eight different notions of the environMENTAL systems. This work shows an impressive vision on the theme, that lead to a complete development of the brilliant 'Biodigit' mCD of Implant Code, creating cold and lost electronic ambient structures, sometime fused with mind-absorbing rhythms. This album is a really effective and impressive experience! PRINCIPIA AUDIOMATICA, just acclaimed as the new Clock DVA, create a new perspective for a tour inside the inner darkness through technology. The amazing texts inside the booklet will be a perfect guide for the learning of this concept.


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