Kebabträume: Neural Earthquake

title: Neural Earthquake
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD030
format: CD

tracks: Targets, Rise!, War/Distorsion, Dark Room, Hero, Real Faith, Cybergod, Immortal Spirit, D.O.C.S.

notes: KEBABTRÄUME is an Italian multimedia collective active since 1988 with different names/line-ups, even if the present line-up was formed in '93: two vocalists (K010/K100), two sound-engineeres (K001/K011 already active since several years in the dance field) and a videomaker ( They were already appeared in '94 on 'Death is everywere, a tribute to Depeche Mode from Italy' compilation, with the medley 'Photopuppets' and the cover 'More than a party'. At the end of '94, KEBABTRÄUME have signed for MINUS HABENS appearing with 'D.O.C.S.' on 'Body Frequencies' compilation. 'Neural Earthquake' is their first album (including eight new unreleased songs + a remixed version of 'D.O.C.S.') representing their best production since 1988. KEBABTRÄUME use hard, mechanical and obsessive sounds, without forgetting their own Italian origins. Several bands have inspired KEBABTRÄUME during the recordings of this work: Front 242, Die Krupps, Ministry, KMFDM, Nitzer Ebb, Klinik, Front Line Assembly, Laibach, Diamanda Galas, Young Gods, Test Dept, Brian Eno, Richard H. Kirk, Aphex Twin... As consequence 'Neural Earthquake' is a pleasantly heterogeneous album containing cyber (Targets, D.O.C.S.), e.b.m. (Rise!, Real Faith, Immortal Spirit), industrial techno (War/Distorsion, Dark Room) and hard-trance episodes (Hero, Cybergod). An incredible revelation.


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