Nightmare Lodge: Luminescence

title: Luminescence
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD029
format: CD

tracks: Tuesday Night, Carillon Recall, This Dangerous Affair, Revelation - Segment A, Mirage V, Obsession: The Babywolf (T.I.B.E.T.), False Light - Segment B, The Inner Voice, Luminescence, It Passed Like A Dream.

notes: No words needed to present the work done by NIGHTMARE LODGE, which is one of the most interesting and known bands with their unique sound. They use strings, brasses, percussions and multi-layered sounds to create mysterious and disquieting moods and atmospheres. The wonderful quality of these new ten recordings of Ivan Iusco and Russolo is hard to describe, let's just say filmic. NIGHTMARE LODGE draw their inspiration from the spectacle of the decadent contemporary world, seeing the vortex of events and consequences as source material from which to fashion a temporary form of reality. "NIGHTMARE LODGE have the ability to present darkness without angst" says ALTERNATIVE PRESS magazine from United States. LUMINESCENCE is the place where Eros and Thanatos are grafted together in an embrace that reaches from the cradle to the grave. This is quite an amazing and very effective work: a recommended choice.


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