Klänge: Green Mars

artist: KLÄNGE
title: Green Mars
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD027
format: CD

tracks: ...Physical Chemistry Of Electrolytes..., ...Tomorrow The World, Bubbles, Born Again, 1st Landing, ...The Hallmark Of The Positronic..., Nightdancer, Cryogenius, Heartz, Green Mars, 7th Planet, ...You Selected This Yourself, At Random..., Space Cowboy.

notes: Formed only 3 years ago, 2 full lenght CDs and several live experiences around Europe have put KLÄNGE at the forefront of cutting-edge ambience. Green Mars is their third album. It never ceases to amaze, as repeated listening again and again raise to the level consciousness, and it sounds piquant and full of unexpected revelations. And though we tend to fear the unknown, Massimiliano Bocchio offers solace as he takes you deeper into the endless depths of the perplexities of human existence. Twelve tracks in all to bounce you through the day. The space rhythms of '...Tomorrow the World' or 'Heartz' suggest infinite possibilities. With tracks featured alongside stars such as Cluster, Eno and Black Dog on compilations like Ambient Voids-Technicians Of Space or Ambient Ceremony, KLÄNGE will not only be appreciated by fans of the newer bands like the ORB and FSOL, but by fans of the original pioneers of the ambient genre.

e-mail: i.iusco@agora.stm.it

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