Red Sector A: Mechanical Resonance

artist: RED SECTOR A
title: Mechanical Resonance
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD026
format: CD

tracks: In/Thru, E.s.p. Voyage, Molecula, No Engine, First Mechanical, Atlantis, Loops Of Infinity, Tokyo Skyline, Propeller, Cities Of Lost Souls.

notes: After hitting hundreds of European dance charts with successful records like SPIRIT OF GIPSY, REMAKE, VIRTUAL PASSAGE, etc... Andrea Bellucci (a really active guy from La Spezia, Italy) signs on MINUS HABENS under the name of RED SECTOR A. It's completely different from his previous commercial projects. RED SECTOR A is born to bring an intelligent marriage of deep atmospheres and the new English school of e-music without falling into trance or techno. Mechanical Resonance contains ten pieces of audio excursions, an extremely equilibrated mixture of soundtrack-like tunes and dark rhythms, with a peculiar attention on the samples' selection. A deep chilling sound journey through an unknown experience, including the right dose of scraping electronics to fill our days. These soundscapes are intriguing and everyone can get lost in, mining the inner depths. Wear your headphones and start to dream, hearing this exquisite and meditative, cool release.


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