Loi Interceps: Music For Movies

title: Music For Movies
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD023
format: CD

tracks: Robox, Belle De Jour, Dr. M., Walking Z'S, M's Nightclub, Rose's Attack, Miss Marple Strikes Back, Through The Carpathians, Turnabout Intruder, Children Of The Night, Robox (Reprise).

notes: Andrej Reschnjiew & Martine Marx from Dčsseldorf, better known for their previous releases as MYNOX LAYH (HYPERIUM RECORDS and STAALPLAAT) set up in 1994 a new project called LOI INTERCEPS. This 'concept album' is characterized by its highly complex sequences and rhythm structures through several influences, producing nether-worldly resonances and frighteningly surreal soundscapes. The eleven tracks crawl from the dephts of the earth as a pulsating, mesmerizing musical force that will grab hold of your soul and hold it captive. Imagine for a moment: an addictive, shimmering aural assault... LOI INTERCEPS are one of the most innovative project in the experimental electronic scene, a band that has an air of originality comes along to respark the fire. A musical hybrid between experimental, electronic, free-jazz and classical experiences brought together as one.

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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