Nightmare Lodge: Negative Planet

title: Negative Planet
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD022
format: CD

tracks: First Contrast, Baby/Death, Become Visible, The Bird Comes Back, Negative Planet, Mirage IV, Toxic Ways, Gray Wind, The Glorious Animal, Presence, Endless Pleasure (On).

notes: This is the fifth release from NIGHTMARE LODGE, after two split LP, two tapes and several compilation contributions and further three years of silence. NEGATIVE PLANET is longer and more developed than the previous releases, maybe their most significant album. One year of full time recording by Ivan Iusco and Russolo to package 12 songs of dark, surreal, atmospheric electronic music, not intended for easy listening. Fear is the key, sculpturing inner anxieties into sound. NIGHTMARE LODGE is a deep experience bringing you face to face with the unacceptable obscurity of yourself. It's the sound of the restless dreamscape, the sleeper tossing and turning as strange and distinctly unfriendly presences invades his unconscious mind. NIGHTMARE LODGE have a strange sense of grounding, the music pretty intense through their emotional contents. Classical arrangements and synthesizer propel NEGATIVE PLANET from the dephts of life into heights of continuous oneirism. Listening to this album is similar to absorbing the soundtrack from a famous film: your life. Hear this, but keep the lights turned on!


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