Klänge: The Heart/Hertz Files

artist: KLÄNGE
title: The Heart/Hertz Files
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD021
format: CD

tracks: FILE001 Heart/Hertz, FILE002 Emme TiedŠ Mutta luulemme, FILE003 Harjoitus Kaksi, FILE004 Harjoitus Kolme, FILE005 Harjoitus Nelja, FILE006 Something About Duality Of Man, FILE007 Revelations Under Hypnosis, FILE008 Hypnosis Under Revelations, FILE009 Marching Towards Darkness, FILE010 This/Order, FILE011 Purificated By Rain, FILE012 Hertz/Heart.

notes: A journey to the total music de-structuration, an interference between order and kaos featuring the astonishing voice of William Burroughs used like an additional instrument declaiming vicious life rules... After several tapes and rare live experiences, this obscure duo from Alessandria (Italy) have assembled twelve files of deep music with an extremely balanced use of electronic sounds, literaly navigating through abstract concepts like 'inner necessity' (Kandinski), 'logical opposition of two forms' (Malevich) and 'the dead body of reality' (Gadda). Their logo is a scandivian preistoric carving from 12.000-7.000 b.C. supposed to be a shaman dancing in front of some believers. "... I investigated the eccence and the form. I captured images and moments. I lead myself to the sounding ocean."

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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