Implant Code: Biodigit

title: Biodigit
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD020
format: mCD

tracks: Hyperspace Enter, Cerebroscope, Cybernauts, Pulse 01.

notes: IMPLANT CODE is a new project signed for MINUS HABENS RECORDS, coming from three guys of Zagreb previously involved in several activities: contributions for some compilations of MUTE, ENERGY RECORDS, etc., production of two video-clips showing computer animations and sound experiments aired on MTV Europe and KANAAL ZERO cable network (Amsterdam). One of them is also techno-trance DJ for various european clubs and radios. "Jacking into cyberspace involves a passage from everyday space and finite time of the organicaly human or postorganic hardware-based cyborg to a digital -as opposed to an analogical- space and time that is both transorganic and cyberpsychically collective. The body becomes 'meat' for the implantation of information devices. The computer plugs jack directly into the bones of the wrist or skull, and the plugs tap into major nerve trunks so that the chips can send and receive neural signals." IMPLANT CODE have choose these words to present their first release titled BIODIGIT. This mCD includes four different cosmic voyages through unknown alien worlds...


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