Full Dynamic Range a.k.a. Vomito Negro: Lost Generation

title: Lost Generation
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD017
format: CD

tracks: Trance (Dance), (G)=Fad, Mezcal, Lost Generation, Jessy, Toto, Sir Freddy'1 (Trans Eeropean Mix), There Is A Heaven (Is There), Great Imagination, Sir Freddy'1 (Spaceless Mix) .

notes: This is a new project by Guy Van Mieghem and Gin Devo, a successful underground duo better known as VOMITO NEGRO. 'Lost Generation' is totally different from their previous productions; this is a voyage through shining space flowers and wonderful incontaminated lands... A fusion of pure digital crystals and 70's atmospheres: lost waves start to capture fields of the past, transforming them into memory flashes... The beauty, queen of simple things, is free for endless transmissions... A psycho-colours market ready for brain injections. These are sounds for HI-TECH feelings. A final approach to the CYBERDELICS... 10 continous tracks packed with never heard basses and deep percussions for unlimited visions! The extraordinary presence of Sir Freddy (MINISTER OF NOISE) gives a touch of velvet passion creating two tracks of incredible elegance. A perfect contribute born to create solid 'ambient' sculptures.

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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