Various Artists: Virtual Reality Handbook

title: Virtual Reality Handbook
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD014
format: Book of 40 pages + mCD

feat.: CLOCK DVA, IT.

notes: Virtual Reality, like all the present manifestations of what has been considered "science fiction" during the past, is now the object of theoretical speculations, excessive emphatisation and guilty, journalistic approximations. The VIRTUAL REALITY HANDBOOK is an effort to provide a tool (a compass), as useful as possible, to orientate ourselves through this new perceptive dimension. This is a multimedia attempt to mix information and acoustic interpretation, a sensorial by-pass to hidden mindscapes... The HANDBOOK is made by 40 pages wich are packed with INFO/DATA/OPINION (English/Italian), featuring also a previously unavailable text by Adi Newton (CLOCK DVA). Its sections are:

- what's Virtual Reality (basic notions and short history);
- glossary;
- actual research projects;
- future developments, critical use and creative possibilities;
- contacts (producers, installations, etc...);
- bibliography;
- sound section.

The COMPACT-DISC presents audio-points of view and inter-related acoustic documentation on the subject, courtesy of CLOCK DVA and IT, both offering remixed and unreleased material.


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