Sigillum S: Helix Parasites

artist: Sigillum S
title: Helix Parasites
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD013
format: CD

tracks: Artifactual Signal Voids, Eden Cells, Embryonick Moon Inoculation, Man With Rollercoaster Of Razor Tracks, Ani/ma/Rtyrs: Tripped By A Manga Porn Star, Highways Mass Mutation, Canopus, Inseminated By Maniac Mainframes, Binary Desert, Physiological Tomb Of Dead Programs, End Of Continuum.

notes: This is the forbidden posture, the deranged statement to end them all... a work created along bio/occult laboratories where deviated traditions add unusual meat to genetick tests: DNA modifications through audio-implementations. Project and documentation, different mind-weather conditions affect sub-atomick interactions, producing tissue and movement with twisted wisdom... eleven sonic codes define the architecture for eleven probes to cut around by overlaying themselves with seventy-five minutes of contrast sensuality. Harmony via destruction: notes fall from sample heavens into media ovens, digesting social influence with infradimensional universes... cracking the rhythm with the vowels of revealed powers. Mass mutations and program dissolution... approaches circle across thousands of tracers, releasing an untouched complexity, with bodies evolving from injuries and jumping into farspace cynisms... from every direction points become moons. More than ever, energy kisses ears and brains go into gels... thinking to rest while already dead. All the manga strings, all the Lilith beats, all the canopus attacks: mucus and beyond, explode and within... here, anywhere.


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