Shock Corridor: A Little Haus On The Scary

title: A Little Haus On The Scary
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD012
format: CD-single

tracks: Rezonator, C. Of Love, Deus Ex Machina (Hellbound Mix).

notes: Have you ever seen your NIGHTMARES staining a PC screen? Have you ever heard the digital sirens of your worst FEARS? Here are the memories and their audio-representations, the ELECTRO-POWERED overdream to finally push you through the HEAVEN/HELL joint-venture. More... heavier... the PULSE takes the LEAD and step by step the BODY adapts itself to the new ordeal... the THRILL of enhanced WAVELENGHT. VOLUME is MASTER... TENSION is QUEEN... the SHOTGUNS dance across the SEQUENCERS. This is TECHNOGORE rising its CRAZED grin, the BLOOD slipping out of the WOOFERS: bite the FAT from the BONES, lick ENERGY from the KEYBOARD. Kneel your MIND and EARS will follow... you will meet the RHYTHM which you'll never forget, the RHYTHM to make your TONGUE kiss itself.


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