Iugula-Thor: Forced Flesh

title: Forced Flesh
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD011
format: CD

tracks: Love Archangel, The Duke Of Excitement, Melancholy Of Bethel And Its Sanatorium, Syndrome Of Caino, V.P. Death (Burnt Version), Vagina-Throrium, N.A.M., Putrefaccao (Lost Bodies), Bag Of Corpses, Razors Judgement, Forced Flesh.

notes: Metal/death-oid riff-o-rama from power distorsion... the full-lenght explosion of the early PROCESS... a new kind of sensual positioning. A deranged cross-over of extreme approaches, FORCED FLESH pulls together the tank-like rhythms of TOTAL DISCIPLINE and the erupting genitals of SIX-STRINGED WAR: tissue by tissue, the muscles get wet with energy, leaving behind any comparisons with past and present. These are pictures of BODY ANNIHILATION through TRAINING and DESTRUCTION... the burnt versions of LOVE SCENES drawn with frenzy on the WALLS of a MENTAL HOSPITAL... the crunched, confused bones being the only tools. Voices of despair ride the impact of BASS/DRUM EVISCERATION, the phased TORTURE of BEAT and AGONY... where METAL penetrates SAMPLES with the smile of SUICIDE and ARCHANGELS. THE COMPUTED HATE YOU WILL NEVER FORGET.

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