Lagowski: Toxality/Time/Formant

artist: LAGOWSKI
title: Toxality/Time/Formant
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD010
format: mCD

tracks: Toxality, Time, Formant, Toxality (A.A.A.), Time (A.A.A.), Formant (A.A.A.).

notes: The sequence and the oscillations: layer by layer, beat by beat, LAGOWSKI's first digital disc enters the heart of matter with six aural icons of movie-like impact. THE BODY IS THE KEY, leading the mind into coreographed, illuminated states, the rich fruit of proper pulse and trance. TIME IS ALL AND ONE, the energy picking up itself from toxic zones and building up new forms from past dangers. These are genetick sound tests where electrogrooves are tools and found speeches provide precious, tiny spices for the laboratory air: YOU FOLLOW YOURSELF TO THE POINT OF NO-RETURN. Heretical theories are at home, here... second after second, the rhythm re-models the walls and the environment is not the same anymore... DRINK YOUR DOSE AND FIND YOUR TRUTH!


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