Dive: First Album

artist: DIVE
title: First Album
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD007
format: CD (+ 23 minutes extra)

tracks: Infected, There's No Hope, Dead Or Alive, Right, So Hard, Attack, Turn Me On, Run, Ghostcity, 31, Menticide, Nightshift, Burning Skin, Eye Of The Past, Back To Back, Timezone, Shadows Of You, Sparks.

notes: The start... drones and beats, squeeze and growl. This is the EXPANDED MANIFESTO, where POINTS become eyes and your SYSTEMS start working harder... a MENTAL INFECTION with no end, a TIMEZONE cramped by ghosts. New ALLOYS, conceived in luxury, cover the walls of the ballroom: elevators and shuttles, limbs and organs... HARDWARE meets WETWARE through DIVE's figures of burnt SKIN. Quickly the ATTACK kills its own SPARKS, a tough ORDER opens slits across the NIGHT. Here comes the IMMERSION into the sequenced depths of CONFRONTATION: a fast-hunting DOCUMENTATION RETRIEVAL.

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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