Jouissance: Sunlight Penetrates The Crown

title: Sunlight Penetrates The Crown
label: Minus Habens Records
code: MHCD004
format: CD

tracks: Nothing, Florid Germ, Lacuna In Ascent, Father Of Lies, Albedo To Pneuma.

notes: A full dose description of audiopleasure interplay, a macroscopic observation of hidden secrets... Emerging here from tape media, participations to compilations (FUNKY ALTERNATIVES 4, STANZA'S ON SEXUAL HYGIENE, TOTAL 2) and the first vinyl declaration (THE SATYR 12"), JOUISSANCE present signs of mistery and light, symbols of physical wisdom for your lasers. There is a tangible kind of beauty ringing through the circuits of these tracks, an undulating beat kissing nerves where they seemed to be unflexible and making them touch forgotten heat: movements and pauses play themselves across gendertronicks, a visual attitude to electronick body frequencies. More than ever, richness is to be found in unexpected gardens, looming new textures of flesh jewels and glorious sin... JOUISSANCE is calling for your buried will, let it EXPLODE.


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