Pilot Jazou: Wonderful Morning

title: Wonderful Morning
label: Disturbance
code: DIS050
format: CD DIGIPAK

tracks: Secrety, Your Crime, Black Bossa, Jazz In My Deep, Dirty Sky, In This Day, Call, Wonderful Morning, Nobody, So Easy, Waning Moon, Your Crime (Dati remix).

notes: Pilot Jazou is the new musical alias of Ugo De Crescenzo, a key figure in the Italian nujazz scene. He's one of the few italian producers who master the full spectrum of Jazz, Downbeat, Bossa and House. The Pilot Jazou incarnation delivers deliciously soulful and luminous nujazz anthems as "Your Crime", "Blackbossa", "Dirty Sky" and "In This Day". Including the uplifting vocals by Imma Costanzo, "Wonderful Morning" is a new rich musical excursion, a punchy groover with rolling bassline, shapely beats, acoustic guitar licks, and meandering live trumpet and sax. Nujazz fans will appreciate the flavor of this album again and again. Music that flows with elegance and easiness!

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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