Appetizer feat.: Josef Saddler: My Heart

title: My Heart
label: Disturbance
code: DIS047
format: CD DIGIPAK

tracks: Brazilian Journey, I Need A Geisha, Maybe I'll, Sintemesc, My Heart, Vellocet, No Love, Cristina Song, Move On, Drenacrom.

notes: We are very excited to present Alberto Dati's alterego: Appetizer. Aphrodisiac house spices, ultra-malicious melodies, delicate latin scents... it's time to satisfy hidden temptations! 'My Heart', 'Maybe I'll' and 'Move On': naked techfunk interpreted from the splendid warm and soulful charming vocals of Josef Saddler from Washington. 'Drenacrom', 'Sintemesc' and 'Vellocet': the insane substances used by the droogs in A Clockwork Orange. 'Brazilian Journey', 'I Need A Geisha' and 'No Love': gorgeous keys, timeless spaced-out synths and soft pink beats for avantgarde sexual tourism. Cherry on the cake... 'Cristina Song': an electro-train driven by a sadistic lolita! It will blow up on the more sophisticated clubs around the globe. The perfect sounds for summer hot games. Unexpected palpitations!!!


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