Nebula: Blue Frontiers

artist: NEBULA
title: Blue Frontiers
label: Disturbance
code: DIS044
format: CD

tracks: A Dancing Floor, Big Warp (Sector II), Energy, Promised Land, Gate To Infinity (Rmx), Sea Angel, Rave City, Harmony, Flying Away, Oxygen, Universal Contact.

notes: Nebula is already recognized as one of the forefront italian producers releasing excellent trance and techno stuff. After the recent release of three singles ('Blue Frontiers EP', 'Promised Land' and 'Energy'), Elvio Trampus came out with his brand new album 'Blue Frontiers'. This time around, he brings us eleven cuts primed for the dancefloor and ready to explode. He has been able to float free and explore the outer limits of his trance-oriented mind. 'Blue Frontiers' is really rich in pounding beats and prism of perfectly arranged melodies! It's haunting and hard-hitting trance with truly amazing powerful layers of magnificent synthesizers. Fans of progressive trance music will be delighted with this album!


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