Georgio Vocoder: The Sound Is Very Good

title: The Sound Is Very Good
label: Disturbance
code: DIS041
format: CD

tracks: Sandie Blackout, Barrio Bizzarro, Chicano Christ, No Way Out, Porno Memories, Brooclean Dealer, Sex with a G3, Sewer Party, Street Warrior, Revolution!, Tablets.

notes: After one year, Georgio Vocoder's back straight from Brooklyn with a new album. "The sound is very good" mix different musical approaches to transform 'em into something really new and exciting. The typical "vintage electronica" sounds lay down with acoustic instruments (guitar, bass, live drums) played live by Georgio himself. The tracks on this album seem to keep you down deep into a concrete void where is impossible to escape. As regard the title, it came out during a studio session. Georgio told us he was mixing a tune, when Gunther Solo just rushed at the mixing desk overexcited and shouted at Georgio: "I don't know what the fuck is this, but, hey, the sound is very good!". Georgio told us that the sense of the entire album was in that words. Half hispanic and half german, Georgio Vocoder knows what cultural clash means, but he can manage this mess so good...


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