Georgio Vocoder: Sports

title: Sports
label: Disturbance
code: DIS039
format: CD

tracks: Do you like sport?, Latin Lover, Sdreuss, Choco Surfer, Domenica Inn, Adidas Groove, Flex, Doh Bratz, F.M.B., Sooper Chic.

notes: After spending ten years getting involved with the New York No Wave and the Brooklyn electro scenes, Georgio Vocoder comes up with his first solo album. You'll find Georgio's early tracks straight out the eighties band Sandie Black Out plus some new tracks composed in his New york studio. Twenty years of stimulating electronic experience are mashed up by this latino american weirdo. This is definitely the very sound of the City of the cities. In 'Sports' you'll get in touch with technicolor liquids, intense vibes, refined beats, flashing visions and bad smells, the perfect musical enviroment for the urban survivor. The right blend between old vintage drum machines and 80's analog synths plus the New York Jazz icon Warren Spano (guest starring on FMB and Latin Lover), give to this album a great range of amazing inspired tunes.


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