Nebula: Chronologies

artist: NEBULA
title: Chronologies
label: Disturbance
code: DIS038
format: CD

tracks: Nocturnal Dust, Alpha Blue, Elysium, Sub Harmonic, Heavenly Firefly, Chronologies, Let Me Dream, Shape 99, Dorf Musik, Auto World, Next Fly.

notes: New full dose from Elvio Trampus better known as NEBULA, the highly respected techno producer, DJ and musician. Trampus has a penchant for fusing powerful techno elements with gorgeous melodies. His palette for 'Chronologies' runs the spectrum from lucent breakbeats to astonishing sequences of compelling basses. Refreshing, light and expansive, this is NEBULA. Trampus summarizes through 'Chronologies' all the aspects of his virtuous five years long carrer through a fresh and exciting cross breed of exploding drum'n'bass and vertiginous techno.


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