IT: Era Vulgaris Ncoded

artist: IT
title: Era Vulgaris Ncoded
label: Disturbance
code: DIS037
format: Picture Disc LP (Limited Edition)


notes: IT is the brainchild of Ivan Iusco, the man who runs MINUS HABENS RECORDS (one of the most important european electronic labels active since 1987). Ivan Iusco is also known for NIGHTMARE LODGE, the italian cult-like duo at the forefront of the neo classical/obscure electronic music scene. Starting IT in 1990, Ivan Iusco released a superb split mCD with the legendary English band CLOCK DVA, a 12 inch (number one on many European techno charts) and the album Era Vulgaris. Some of his recent tracks appear on several compilations together with: Orbital, C.J. Bolland, Aphex Twin, Cosmic Baby, Speedy J, etc... IT is now one of the main acts of DISTURBANCE (a division of MINUS HABENS RECORDS) and can be considered one of the most brilliant and innovative composers of the electronic scene.

8 tracks taken from IT's Era Vulgaris (DIS030 - CD) and reworked by:

They have been working in the forefront of the electronic field for over 14 years releasing several singles and albums. Among the pioneers of electronics both live and in their formative recording studio in the bands' home town of Coventry (England), they've received their first significant exposure in 83 as part of the burgeoning 'Industrial/Experimental' scene; appearing live and on compilations alongside bands as SPK, Test Dept., Coil, Legendary Pink Dots, Portion Control, Siouxsie And The Banshees, Chris & Cosey, Nina Hagen and many others...

From Wales, one of the most interesting experimental musicians of the worldwide industrial scene. He started his musical activities in 1980 releasing through the years several great albums and collaborating with other great artists as Coil, SPK, Chris & Cosey, Current 93, Nurse With Wound, The Anti Group, Clock DVA, etc... In 1993 he moved from London to Los Angeles, California, to be employed by motion picture composer Graeme Revell as consultant/sound designer and working for several soundtracks featured on really famous Hollywood productions: The Crow, Streetfighter, Tank Girl, Strange Days, From Dusk Till Dawn, the Crow II, etc...

Previously signed to Warp Records, The Black Dog have released 5 albums to great critical acclaim. The Black Dog's experimental and organic techno sound is totally unique. Extensive collaboration with Bjork has included remixes and collaborations on "Sweet Intuition" and "Charlene" (appearing on Bjork's recent singles). Latest work includes remix of Blondie's "Fade Away And Radiate" and Japanese artist Hanayo. The Black Dog is currently working on a new single with world respected vocalist Ofra Haza, a video game and CD-ROM project, soundtrack work and a collaboration with William Burroughs.

Uwe Schmidt is one of the most prolific and prodigious operators to emerge from the Frankfurt/German techno scene. Since three years he've signed to KK Records as Lassigue Bendthaus, becoming together with Psychick Warriors Of Gaia one of the main acts of the Belgium label. In the last years he has been responsible for over 80 releases in a wide range of styles under various 'noms de plume', as well as an ever increasing amount of remixes. Yet unlike many of his contemporaries there is a marked consistency running through his material: fine tuned ambient and techno works as Atom Heart on Rough Trade Records, elegant trance as Bi-Face (with Resistence D's Pascal F.E.O.S.), electronic acid jazz as Lisa Carbon Trio on Rephlex Records (the Aphex Twin's label) and many others.

Aldo Bergamasco from Torino, is one of the most interesting musicians in the italian techno scene. He was signed on DISTURBANCE three years ago, releasing the intelligent masterpiece 'Auroral Belt Side' (CD-album) and two 12"s. MixMag called him the Italian Mixmaster Morris.

Hard hitting techno extravaganzas where innovation, technology and melody wrap themselves around each other. Hi-tech psychedelia meets trip-hop and drum'n'bass. On REPHLEX (the APHEX TWIN's label) they've just released a new CD as D'ARCANGELO.

Nebula is a name that surely sounds familiar to the great majaority of European trainspotters thanks to its very successful previous 12" releases 'Molecular Pulsation', 'Interceptor' and his brand new album 'Gate To Infinity'.

Veteran of the Italian dance scene. Andrea Bellucci brings us a refreshing melt of hypnotic rhythms and wonderful textures, after hitting several European charts with successful records like Spirit Of Gipsy, Remake, Virtual Passage, etc... Two of his latest tracks have been licensed in Germany on DREAM INJECTION compilation vol. 2 and 3 together with: Autechre, Speedy J, Orbital, Kenny Larkin, Aphex Twin, Beaumont Hannant and many others.


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