Nebula: Gate To Infinity

artist: NEBULA
title: Gate To Infinity
label: Disturbance
code: DIS035
format: CD

tracks: Galaxy NGC 2997, Irregular Area, Sky, The 98 Towers, Elektrische Substanz, Balance, Audiochromatik, Gate To Infinity, Cygnus A, Blue Synchrony, Molecular Pulsation (Rmx), The Endless Trip, New World.

notes: NEBULA is a name that surely sounds familiar to the great majaority of european trainspotters thanks to its very successful previous releases 'Molecular Pulsation' and 'Interceptor'. Following a great deal of studio work, NEBULA's debut album 'Gate To Infinity' has been finally completed. Eleven captivating excursions into a world where the boundaries between jungle, hardhouse and trance dissolve... NEBULA's eponymous debut CD is challenging and tuneful as usual, chock full of unstoppable high energy that uses the dancefloor as a starting point for adventures which finish somewhere beyond anywhere you ever imagined. Insert NEBULA's 'Gate To Infinity' into your CD player and you'll be rewarded with a feast of innovation.


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