IT: Era Vulgaris

artist: IT
title: Era Vulgaris
label: Disturbance
code: DIS030
format: CD

tracks: Meridiana, Nionica (Unknown Ratio), Air, The Measure Of A Dog, Temporary Irritation, Out Of Sight, Cycloviran, Phosphor, Human Womb, Exhibition, Arentostrate, Biotoy, Thessaloniki, Multiple Session, Combacterion.

notes: After the succesful collaboration with Clock DVA (VR Handbook) and the huge success with 'Virtual Energy' (Disturbance) - considered one of the top italian electronic 12 inch's of '92 (number one in several European charts), here comes the much requested first time iT full lenght CD release. This album was assembled from Ivan Iusco's recordings made in his basement studio over an extended period. The overall feel of 'Era Vulgaris' is quite organic, but in a cool and rather distanced manner. In this configuration he produces something of extreme focus, setting up closely valued sound textures which coalesce into delicate and unstable harmonic fields, which then drift into new patterns enhanced by hypnotic rhythms. The tracks are creative, engaging and complex; it is definitely a collection where you gather additional snippets each time you listen to it. This eagerly awaited CD contains intimate soundtracks which penetrate deep into the human psyche with tremendous emotional effort. A timeless electronic landscape that joins private feelings with contemporary technology.


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