Monomorph: Subject To Electronic Control

title: Subject To Electronic Control
label: Disturbance
code: DIS028
format: CD

tracks: New Life, Sekuon Omo, Blue Tono, Moon, Therna Aeterna, Particlexia, Loox, Chinese Flow, May, Electronic Theories.

notes: Frantic percussions, syncopated rhythms and ominous reverberation merge into weird hybrids: a blurring of the edges... MONOMORPH (aka AUTOMATIC SOUND UNLIMITED) fits right into the DISTURBANCE concept of dance music that transcends the categorization that plagues ambient music today. This English/Italian band combines pronounced elements of industrial, trip-hop and techno displaying them in a decided context. Delivered intelligently with a strong handle on today's technology, MONOMORPH's music is sure to make an impact on the club scene as well as on the dance-oriented stations... Their latest release on REPHLEX (the APHEX TWIN's label), confirms MONOMORPH's position at the forefront of European techno. You'll be subject to electronic control really soon!


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