Urbanatribu': Urbanatribu'

title: Urbanatribu'
label: Disturbance
code: DIS026
format: CD

tracks: Shangri-la, Cosa Rara, Johnny Constantine, Mysterious Traveller On Machu Pichu, Konga Cola, Dolce Gioia, The Bay Of Sirens, Skullface In Watikan, Maori Dance, Boglins, Dolce Gioia (Liquid Sky Mix), Mysterious Traveller On Machu Pichu (Mora Tau Mix), Johnny Constantine (Last Silk Cut Mix), Finalino.

notes: Welcome to DISTURBANCE's latest signings: URBANATRIBU'. Massimiliano Bocchio, who had already released three albums on MINUS HABENS RECORDS under the name of KLANGE, has recently teamed up with Flavio Gemma (a veteran of the underground italian scene, former member of VIRIDANSE and C.O.D.E.X.) giving life to URBANATRIBU'. Their homonymous debut CD album flows from track to track with Trip-Hop and Trance rhythms and a quite organic melodic approach. This is a very interesting and rewarding listening experience. URBANATRIBU' make good use of the outlined time frame with music that evolves and changes at just the right moments. This CD contains music that you could use to sway your body all night long, or just slowly drift off to sleep invoking space dreams.

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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