Le Forbici di Manitu': Quadrivelogue

title: Quadrivelogue
label: Disturbance
code: DIS025
format: CD

tracks: Mainmap (Transoceanica), Maze-O-Pothalamus, Mackenzietherapy, Magalhaes.

notes: The luscious trance-ambient sounds on this album by LE FORBICI DI MANITU', an italian trio well versed in different musical idioms augmented for this project by guest Massimo Pavarini, are not intended as a form of solipsistic escapism but as a close scrutiny and analysis of details that make up the fabric of reality. The result of a self-plagiarist tour de force, the four tracks of QUADRIVELOGUE originate in fact from thoroughly reworked and mutated audio fragments extracted from the companion album TRIVELOGUE (still unpublished). Both works focus thematically on various modes of travel (Magellan's historical expedition that lead to the first circumnavigation of the globe, a voyage through memory, the LSD trip, the commuter experience, etc.) and offer to the listener singular opportunities of active interaction. LE FORBICI DI MANITU' were created in 1983. The present line-up includes the mysterious ManitĚ Rossi, Enrico Marani (ex-TAC) and the well known music journalist/networker Vittore Baroni (ex-Lieutenant Murnau and founder of the Trax label/multimedia project). For more info & direct electronic interplay with the group, visit the FORBICI SITE at Virtual Town TV BBS: +39 55 485997.

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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