A3000: Synchral Voltage

artist: A3000
title: Synchral Voltage
label: Disturbance
code: DIS024
format: 12 inch

tracks: Phuuzyd, Blooming Blip, P-Flog, Frex.

notes: 'Synchral Voltag' is A3000's third outing on DISTURBANCE: a new mind-altering 4 track EP. It's fuel for the feet and food for the mind...a delectable confection of driving techno grooves and infectious acid hooks. Repetto and Reisen after their experience with Rephlex Records (as SYNECTICS) effectively lure the recipient to join them on their beguiling journey through outer regions. Fast and hard fused nerve wrenching acid + powerful drum beats on side A and rare collages of electronic coruscations from unknown sound sources on side B.

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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