X4U: Video Trkx

three frames

artist: X4U
title: Video Trkx
label: Disturbance
code: DIS019
format: video - 60 minutes approx

tracks: Intro, Simulation (Virtual Music), Total Computer Control (mk II), Crash, Scared Dreams, The Blow, Simulation (Virtual Voice), Simulation (Virtual Attack), Machine Cycles, Mission Control, Simulation (Digital Clone), Blade Runner, Final Mission Control, The End.

notes: X4U synchronizes itself perfectly to form a unique audiovisual encounter. Videotrkx is the equivalent of a digital brainwasher. This video is full of astounding computer-generated sequences (Morphing, Fractals and hyperspeed frames from his hard techno world). Acidic video effects are also applied to industrial images, which are often repeated to the point where all original meaning is lost. X4U goes beyond the trip!

e-mail: info@minushabens.com

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