The Frustrated: The Anthology Of Experimental Music

title: The Anthology Of Experimental Music
label: Disturbance
code: DIS011
format: CD/2EP

tracks: UpGround Intro, Frustration, A Journey In The Eternity, Experimental, Persi Nel Suono Sperimentale, The Burons, Teiscox: Sind%Rome, Orion 301, We Don't Live In This World, Powerflex (Epicuro's'S Garden), 3D Eyephone, Cybordelic-Metamorphosis.

notes: The indefatigable agent provocateur of the italian experimental electronic scene, Davide Lombardi (Rome), presents on this new album obscure textures, expansive and imaginative technoscapes. Tranced and spacey tracks with excellently executed rhythms. Reality is just a state of mind!


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